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Profile Rail Linear Bearings Product Family and Configuration
Product Family  

Carriage Style  

Carriage Per Rail

Number of Rails

Special Per Customer Print



Carriage Accessories
L (Long Life Lube Block)
N (Additional Oil Reservoir)
W (Additional Rubber wiper)
V (Additional Viton Wiper)
Z (Metal Scraper)
C (Bellow Clips)
LDS (Low Drag Seal)
UU (Lip Seal -Microguide)

Rail Hole Cover or Plugs
HP (Plastic Rail Plugs)
RT (Mylar Rail Tape)
RCS (Rail Cover Strip)
RCT (Rail Cover Strip Installation Tool)
RCP (Rail Cover End Cap)
HS (Stainless Steel 2Pc Plugs)
HB (Brass Rail Plugs)
HST (HS and HB Installation Tool)
HSTC (Hydraulic Cylinder for HST)

Mounting Assembly Tools
MT (Mounting Rail)

BB ( Low Profile Bellows)
BC (High Compression Bellows)
BW (Walk On Bellows)

Corrosion Resistance

Standard Option
ES1 (6mm Dowel Hole - Slip Fit)
ES2 (10 mm Dowel Hole - Slip Fit)
ES3 (1/4" Dowel Hole - Slip Fit)
ES4 (3/8" Dowel Hole - Slip Fit)
ES12 ((2) 6mm Dowel Holes - Press Fit)
ES13 ((2) 10mm Dowel Holes - Press Fit)
ES14 ((2) 1/4" Dowel Holes - Press Fit)
ES15 ((2) 3/8" Dowel Holes - Press Fit)
ES10 (Side lubrication in end caps)
ES11 (Top lubrication in end caps)
ES1 (Offset Lubrication in end caps)
ES2 (Side lubrication in end caps)
ES3 (Top lubrication in end caps)
ES4 (ES1+individual lubrication channels)
ES5 (ES2+individual lubrication channels)
G1 (Greased with Mobilux EP2)
G2 (Greased with Krytox GPL227)
GS (Greased per customer specification)
A (Armoloy)
LDS (Low Drag Seal )

Rail Machined Options
DH1 (6 mm Dowel Hole + Slot)
DH2 (10 mm Dowel Hole + Slot)
DH3 (1/4" Dowel Hole + Slot)
DH4 (3/8" Dowel Hole + Slot)
E Bellow Clips Attached
DH1 (8 mm Dowel Hole + Slot)
DH5 (1/2” dowel hole + Slot)
DH3 (12mm dowel hole + Slot)

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